Dez Cleo

With her soulful voice, fiery hair and unique brand of sex appeal, it’s no surprise that people in-the-know are eagerly waiting to see what Dez Cleo has in store for 2016.

Dez Cleo started out in a pop rock studio project during early 2006 where she quickly found a passion for hard-hitting, edgy music that goes against the grain. In 2008 she became the lead singer of a punk rock band and toured steadily through 2009 & 2010 where she headlined shows, events and festivals.

During 2011 – 2014 she switched gears and began putting all her focus into mainstream pop, dance, and EDM. Committed to forging a new, never-before-heard sound, this rock star explodes down the path of creating her own genre. Cleo works tirelessly to expand her brand – visually and musically. This sultry singer is constantly performing, writing, dancing, and creating in the studio with a team of producers & collaborators.

Dez Cleo - Miss Congeniality Award

In November of 2011 Dez Cleo won “Miss Congeniality” in the Miss California USA Pageant (title: “Miss Santa Monica, CA, USA”) and undeniably wowed judges and participants alike by putting her own twist on pageantry. Never the one-dimensional entertainer, Dez also loves to act and model. She attends acting school and works on set for various TV shows regularly.


Dez Cleo was born and raised in San Diego, California. Her mother Sharon and father David knew from birth that she was destined to be an energetic entertainment machine. Sharon grew up with musical theatre and opera as her first love and background. She taught her daughter everything there was to know about music, and from that Dez began to create her own stylistic way of singing and expressing herself. David was born into a traditional Italian family and grew up in New York. He taught his daughter strength, independence and loyalty.

Sadly, Sharon passed away in August of 2006 from a very rare type of cancer. With her mother watching closely from above and father by her side it’s no wonder why she always says – “I do what I do for my family.”

Dez Cleo is THE secret to a new sound of music. It’s only a matter of time until the whole world is infected by her energy.

“GEMINI” Single Out Now!

2016 Release – Cleo speaks out about a heart breaking relationship with a Gemini, gives herself closure, and allows herself to heal. She finds strength, and forces herself to be free by letting go. A “Phantom Of The Opera” inspired intro quickly turns into a ground shaking new discovery.

“Oh Gemini what have you done to me, my sweet revenge will become destiny”

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“TELL ME AGAIN” Single Out Now!

2016 Release – A sicilian taurus woman doesn’t like being told what to do. This hard hitting pop track allows Dez to show the world she won’t let anyone be the boss of her. Edgy and confident, independent and bossy, she will always be herself… unapologetically.

“Tell Me Again, how I’m always camera ready, I’m dirty I’m insane”

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“DAMSEL” Single Out Now!

2015 Release ― Dez Cleo unleashes funky/sassy pop single featuring female rapper Blu Nyle. Dez Cleo and LA music producer Damon Cisneros turn out an undeniably infectious and upbeat track that is consistently compared to hot artists such as Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Pink and Pharrell Williams.

“How can I have more stones than you, when I’m a girl and you’re a dude?
This boy can’t man up, this boy won’t stand up, this boy is not worth my time”

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